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IPv4/IPv6 meter

 INTEC Inc. Advanced Technology Research and Development Institute provides a blogpart version of "IPv4/IPv6 meter" that visualize the ratio of IPv6 and IPv4 web access. This blogpart is licensed under a Creative Commons License [Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.1 Japan].

[Overview]  "IPv4/IPv6 meter" is a web analytics tool that can easily display the percentage of IPv4 and IPv6 users to access a home page. By using this tool, even if your website does not support IPv6, you will be able to understand the access rate of IPv6 users that browse your website.
[Deployment]  Please copy a following deployment code (HTML tag) into design template or entry of your blog page, and HTML file of your Web page.
[Deployment Code]
⋅Put a URL you want to set this code into the following box. Then push "CREATE" button.
⋅Select "Nondisplay Mode" without showing this blogpart.

Display Mode Nondisplay Mode

⋅Copy the following code into every webpage you want to count before the </body> tag.

Confirmation ID:If you choose to Nondisplay Mode , please use confirmation ID at the "IPv4/IPv6 meter display" box.

[IPv4/IPv6 meter display]
⋅Put your confirmation ID into the following box.Then Push "View" button.It shows "IPv4/IPv6 meter".

[Notice] ⋅The contents or design of this tool may change/terminate without notice.
⋅This tool can't deploy on other sites that infringe the rights of any other entity, or offend public order and morals.
⋅We may use access information for research and analysis. However, we do not get personal information.