IPv4 Exhaustion Counter (English)

INTEC Inc. provides a blogpart version of "IPv4 Exhaustion Counter" that visualize the status of IPv4 address exhaustion. This blogpart is licensed under aCreative Commons License [Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.1 Japan].

[Overview]  "IPv4 Exhaustion Counter" is a blogpart that visualize the status of IPv4 address exhaustion which mashed up with the information provided by each RIR and "IPv4 Address Report" researched by Mr. Geoff Huston of APNIC.
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It shows the X-day and unallocated IPv4 address blocks in each RIR(Regional Internet Registry).

The X-day of exhaustion RIR is displayed in red.

It shows whether you access via IPv4 or IPv6.

Ref:IANA What is RIR?
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